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Along with getting my new desk, it's been a mission of mine to try and go through the vast quantities of Stuff that I have accumulated over the past ten years plus. The first part of this far-larger-than-I-want-to-admit task was going through a filing cabinet and several large tupperware storage containers full of...papers.

It's amazing the sheer quantity of things one can accumulate when rather than throwing things away, one stuffs them into various cabinets and boxes and folders and the like. I found notes I passed to fellow delegates at a Model United Nations 2003. Included was a note in which I asked a fellow delegate to coffee -- the invitation appears to have been unsuccessful.

There were also a lot of boring stuff, like bank statements and the like, but most of it was interesting pieces of my history I'd forgotten, like my college application essay, some rough drafts of various law school stuff, and a whole stack of old 2001 era Time magazines that I'd gotten when the library got rid of them.

Some of it's been kept, most of it's been shredded and/or thrown away, and to make a long story short, it's all now relatively (for me, anyway) well organized so that I can actually find what of it I need.

Sort of sad, getting rid of a lot of it, even if most of it's low sentimental value and the like. Ah well.


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